Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ten Things You Should Know ABout KARAOKEYOUCAN

1. It will be hosted by Area Mama, with a lot of help from Angela and Bobby Taylor. If you havent met Angela yet, #thankmelater

2. KAraokeYouCan holds at Swe Bar. That's at City Mall Onikan

3. KARAOKEYOUCAN holds on the FIRST Wed of every month. Yup! Jan- Dec next year, be there or p square!

4. The first edition holds on the FIRST WEd of DECEMBER, Wed Dec 1st. 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. So what happens at the event? Well if Area Mama can Karaoke, You Can! Come in, get the karaoke list, pick what songs you would like to perform alone or with a group of friends, and then sing your hearts out.

6. You are in good company! Our confirmed guests who will also be singing include Nyore, Christine and Chidynma. And o yes, Denrele!

7. And it gets better! We have some signed c.ds, posters and free drinks to give away!

8. And Overdose has a surprise for you all. Okay let me ruin it jo- he will be at the event, and we get to watch his new video for his new single, 'Drinks in a Glass'!

9. Quick reminder! Its on Wed Dec 1st, 4pm at Swe. And it is free, but you have to get on the guestlist!

10. O, so that is the catch? Yes it is. But it is an easy catch to catch na! All you have to do to get on the guestlist is one or more of the following
- send an sms to 07035169111
- add this pin, 22775AC2 and give them your name
- follow @theareamama or @sharedazzle on twitter,and then dm your names!

And there you were thinking there was something more to it!

So, those are ten things to know about KARAOKE YOU CAN.
Here is one thing we would like to know-

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wed Dec 1st!

Its the first of this monthly show!
Join Area Mama, Bobby Taylor and Angela as hosts of the first Karaoke You Can
Swe Bar

Come sing your heart out at karaoke with special guest stars- Chidynma, Christine and Denrele also singing. Denrele has promised to sing totally off key by the way, but we cnt wait to see Chidynma and Christine perform!

Plus, free c.ds and some prizes to be won!

And how do u get in? Get on the guest list!

SMS 07035169111

PIN 22775AC2 (subj KARAOKE)




Monday, November 22, 2010

Karaoke You Can

Yes! Yes! Yes!

For all lovers of Karaoke, this is the s.h.a.r.e event for u!

Every First Wed of the month!

Swe Bar

4pm - 8pm

s.h.a.r.e Network hosts Area Mama and her special guests, and of course YOU, to Karaoke You Can (cos Area Mama can!)

Get ready to sing, pick up signed c.ds from some of your favourite artistes and celebs, mingle with people, and hey, maybe win some prizes... and of course, walk the red carpet!

Each month has a different flavour and theme, and you can find out whats happening by following @sharedazzle @theareamama

Dont forget!

Every 1st Wed of the month
Swe Bar
4pm to 8pm
Karaoe You Can... cos Area Mama can!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We think you should know!

Hi guys!
Welcome to the New Year... that is, if you haven’t got tired of it already!

So 2010 promises to be fun, and we thought we should run some things by you!

THESE GENES sickle-cell project which has been doing work in the background quietly in 2009, will be making noise in 2010! Please click on the link below to join the group on facebook for regular updates!
First event March, noise starts now!

All you coca-cola addicts out there can join the facebook group here!
Its all about the love for that drink mehn!

With three singles released just as 2009 wrapped up, CON.tra.diction is poised to make 2010 her own!
Please join her facebook group!
Listen out for her singles on any of the radio stations, but if you can listen online, or would like to read a review of the singles, then please check this link out!
She is also on twitter
And on Reverbnation!

Dont say we did not tell you o!

s.h.a.r.e fans, this is your year!
Please join the facebook group to catch updates on facebook!
You can also check the blog from time to time
The calendar for 2010 is up, and there are at least two events a month this year!
To make things easier for you, you could register to get updates straight to your phone! There is a service charge for this and to find out more, please send a text to 08023066252!

So what else have we missed?
We are still up for charity
and we love Zapphaire Events!

s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies Jan 4th

Hey guys!
Hope you are not too grumpy and ticked off that the holidays are over?!
It was a semi-long one, haba!

Well, you can keep that holiday feel by joining s.h.a.r.e for a movie today!
Its s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies, and we do this evey first monday!

Meeting time is 5pm (helep us try not to do naija time, u hear!), and meet point is the galleria!Where specifically? depends on tiem you come
ha ha ha

Ill be the girl in the pink s.h.a.r.e tshirt!

Our movie options are
AVATAR for 5.10pm
2012 for 7.30pm

I know where we are leaning, but it depends on all of us!!!

So please send us a text to the official s.h.a.r.e line to confirm so we know whom to look out for!

Movie tickets for Mondays at the Galleria - N1000
You also get popcorn and a drink

The good news is, if you wear a s.h.a.r.e teeshirt, we will pay for your ticket!!!

So let us know!