Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ten Things You Should Know ABout KARAOKEYOUCAN

1. It will be hosted by Area Mama, with a lot of help from Angela and Bobby Taylor. If you havent met Angela yet, #thankmelater

2. KAraokeYouCan holds at Swe Bar. That's at City Mall Onikan

3. KARAOKEYOUCAN holds on the FIRST Wed of every month. Yup! Jan- Dec next year, be there or p square!

4. The first edition holds on the FIRST WEd of DECEMBER, Wed Dec 1st. 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. So what happens at the event? Well if Area Mama can Karaoke, You Can! Come in, get the karaoke list, pick what songs you would like to perform alone or with a group of friends, and then sing your hearts out.

6. You are in good company! Our confirmed guests who will also be singing include Nyore, Christine and Chidynma. And o yes, Denrele!

7. And it gets better! We have some signed c.ds, posters and free drinks to give away!

8. And Overdose has a surprise for you all. Okay let me ruin it jo- he will be at the event, and we get to watch his new video for his new single, 'Drinks in a Glass'!

9. Quick reminder! Its on Wed Dec 1st, 4pm at Swe. And it is free, but you have to get on the guestlist!

10. O, so that is the catch? Yes it is. But it is an easy catch to catch na! All you have to do to get on the guestlist is one or more of the following
- send an sms to 07035169111
- add this pin, 22775AC2 and give them your name
- follow @theareamama or @sharedazzle on twitter,and then dm your names!

And there you were thinking there was something more to it!

So, those are ten things to know about KARAOKE YOU CAN.
Here is one thing we would like to know-

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